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The Sweeet Fest® features small to medium local culinary business owners that specialize in desserts and savory meals, for one sweet day. The event took place at Pompey Square at the heart of downtown Nassau from mid-day until a live Junkanoo rush-out.


The Sweeet Fest® is hosted by self-proclaimed foodies and marketing executives, Khashan Culmer and Keiani Thomas.





In partnership with corporate Bahamas, Sweeet Fest's objective is to promote culinary arts and small businesses through media exposure before, during and after the event, while expanding each businesses' customer base.


Nationally, Sweeet Fest's main objective is to support local Bahamian-owned businesses and provide a safe, family-oriented event that tourists and locals can enjoy.


Hosted at a national landmark, the Sweeet Fest is accessible to tourists, particularly cruise ship passengers. Not to be left out, locals will not be detoured by hectic traffic or limited parking that plague the downtown area on weekdays. Now, that's sweeet!

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Nassau, Bahamas
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